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Ever wanted to unleash your creativity?

Light Labyrinth is multi-award winning next generation labyrinth & puzzle & sandbox game with pixel art you can change any time to your own/downloaded textures.

Light Labyrinth got 2nd place on the National Innovative Competition with judges like the CEO of NNG (Makers of IGO), you know the navigation software.

Won an award on the 19 Freestyle Computing Competition.

Became 3rd on the 12th International Neumann Computer Program Competition.

Light Labyrinth is fast, hard, addictive and action-packed.

Version: 1.0.0 (Update 2) (2017/01/03)

Innovative features:

  • Light based gameplay
  • Special Teleports
  • Level Editor with a twist

The basic idea is that you can collect light, from light sources, and light effects your view range. If you run out of light you lost.

If it was this simple! Dive into the countless features and maps, which are constantly growing!

The game is released, but it's recives updates weekly!

Install instructions

Thank you for trying our product!

Just unzip the compressed file and run the game!

Please download the correct Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package! (x64) or (x86)

If you find bugs report them at: kovacs.marcell99@gmail.com, with the subject: Bug Light Labyrinth

If you have any sugggestions let us know!


Light Labyrinth 32-bit.zip 8 MB
Light Labyrinth 64-bit.zip 9 MB
Light Labyrinth Linux.tar.gz 6 MB

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